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Frequently Asked Questions

What if you don’t save me any money? What do you cost?
Nothing! If we’re not able to find you savings or compensation, we don’t charge a penny. There are no upfront fees or monthly subscriptions.
Is everything else really included for free?
Yup! We want to surround our members with everything they need to succeed. That means full access to caregiver coaching and our private community. For free.
How exactly do you save me money?
We have Savings Specialists maintaining the most up-to-date database of all caregiver tax credits, entitlements, and paths to compensation. We analyze your account and help you qualify.
Do I need to use the Givers Debit Card?
Putting all of your care expenses on your Givers Card let's us analyze your spending. It's the best way to maximize your savings. We'll also use your profile to look for other entitlements.
How do I fund my Givers Card?
Your Givers Card is a self-funded debit card. Simply transfer money from a debit card instantly, or ACH over 2-3 days.
How do you get paid?
Before the savings hit your Givers account, you'll authorize us to sweep our portion of the savings when they get wired.

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