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Support the families that care for your members

We help families fund and provide care to loved ones.

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"Since joining Givers, I’ve found over $1,500 in benefits that I didn’t even know existed. I can take care of my mom without worrying now."
Family matters

Family members play a key role in caring.

Americans providing unpaid care for a loved one
provide financial support
of PCPs say family caregivers play a key role
The new talent war

Caregivers are the key to cost savings

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Benefit for Them

84% of Americans want support for family caregivers

The spotlight is on the care economy.
Savings for You

One year of home care provides $64K of savings per year per beneficiary

Institutional care is exorbinately expensive.


Givers helps you help families fund care

We streamline member benefits and access to thousands of dollars in government programs.
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  • Families pay for care
    Silo care-related purchases onto the Givers Card.
  • We tap them into programs
    We help members apply for government benefits.
  • They get $1,700+ back
    The money hits their account. Everyone wins.
Differentiate your plan and lower the cost of care.

Give families financial support, and more.

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Learn more about our risk-free family support system.
Grow membership & satisfaction
New benefitS
✓ Givers membership
✓ Caregiver verification
+ Stipend facilitation
+ Spend controls
+ Caregiver engagement
+ Caregiver insights
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Givers supports families pay for the care that their loved one deserves.