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Create your free account by filling out a questionnaire about you and your loved one so we can uncover all the benefit programs and reimbursements that you qualify for. We'll also be able to personalize your Givers community, coaching, and marketplace experiences.

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Connect your bank account and use your dedicated Givers debit card to easily separate caregiving expenses from everyday expenses. No more need for messy receipts or spreadsheets.
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Because you've separated your caregiving expenses using your Givers card, we can automatically monitor your account and notify you when we find savings you qualify for in our complete database of programs and benefits available at the state and federal levels.
We make our money by splitting the savings. No savings, no cost. Period.
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    Use your Givers Card anywhere Visa is accepted to get a clear picture of how much you are spending
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    We'll notify you and help you apply when we find savings programs that your spending is eligible for
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We make our money by splitting the savings. No savings, no cost. Period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Givers Card

What is the Givers Card?

For families who want to save money on caregiving, our dedicated debit card is a financial tool that automates access to benefits programs and reimbursements.

Is the Givers Card a debit or credit card?

The Givers Card is a self-funded Visa debit card. Debit cards are similar to credit cards in their ease of use, but instead of spending borrowed money that you need to pay back at the end of the year, you spend money that you already have in your account.

Using a debit card helps avoid the accumulation of debt and because you are spending money already in your acount, the Givers Card has no transaction fees or interest associated with it.Once you fund your Givers Card, you can start using it to take care of your loved one.

We will analyze your caregiving expenses to help you find savings. Any savings we find for you will be added to the funds available on your Givers Card.

How do I fund my Givers Card?

You can securely fund your debit card via an ACH transfer (2-3 days). We'll make it easy to connect to your bank and fund your card.

Where does my Givers Card work?

Your Givers Card works at ATMs globally and for payment with any merchant that accepts Visa.

Why do I need to silo my caregiving expenses to my Givers Card?

Some tax credit and reimbursement programs require a clear view on your caregiving expenses.

By joining Givers and using your Givers Card exclusively for care-related expenses, we will be able to help you identify avenues for reimbursement, and you'll avoid needing to parse through all of your expenses at the end of the year to find what you spent on caregiving.

You'll also find through our app, that separating your caregiving expenses will help you keep the rest of your financial life organized.

What type of spending should I put on my Givers Card?

Common caregiving expenses qualify for many reimbursement programs, including respite care, transportation, assistive technologies and devices, and support services.

If you're spending it on your loved one, we recommend you put it on your Givers Card. This will maximize the amount of savings we can find for you.

Cardholder Perks

What's included with my Givers Card?

All Givers cardholders gain access to a dedicated caregiving coach, a private caregiver community to learn and get support from, and tons of perks and benefits like savings on common caregiver supplies and services.

We'll start analyzing your profile from the moment you signup, and continuously through your spending on your Givers Card, to find you all of the savings you qualify for.

Are all of these perks really free?

Yes. We know how expensive caring for a loved one can be, that's why only make money when you make money. We split savings that we find for you 60/40. You keep 60%, we take 40%.

No savings, no cost to you. Period.


I already have a CPA–don't they claim tax credits and reimbursements for me?

We support avenues to reimbursement that many accountants don't check for.

These credits are difficult to find and even more difficult to file for. Many accountants and firms don't bother to file for these credits because they're paid per filing, not by the amount of money they save for you.

While you enjoy the perks of your membership, we'll be on the lookout for what credits you qualify for. When you save, we get paid. It's a win-win.

How do I know if I am qualified to get tax credits or other reimbursements?

The government and healthcare system is finally starting to offer new financial support to family caregivers.
If you're taking care of a loved one, you most likely are eligible for some sort of payment program.

We'll analyze your account and the spend on your Givers Card, and notify you when we find programs you qualify for.

Am I guaranteed to get money as a Giver?

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you money.

This is why your Givers membership is completely free, and we split the savings with you. No savings, no cost. Period.

While we look for savings, you can enjoy the member benefits, completely free.

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Only pay when you save. No savings, no cost. Period.
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