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Separate your caregiving expenses onto your card, and we'll help you find reimbursements that you qualify for.

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$4,000+ back in your pocket

Self-directed Medicaid


Potential annual savings: $7,500
Based on: Your state's regulations around payment of medicaid dollars to a family caregiver.

VA Caregiver Assistance


Potential annual savings: $24,600
Based on: Your loved one's service record and monthly budget from the VA.

Dependent Care Tax Credit


Potential annual savings: $4,000
Based on: Your income and amount spent on providing care in a year.

State & Local Tax Credits


Potential annual savings: $3,000
Based on: Your state's matching of the federal Dependent Care Tax credit.

Get reimbursements that most accountants never claim.
Without having to itemize your receipts.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I already have a CPA–don't they claim credits and reimbursements for me?

We support avenues for reimbursement that most accountants don't check for.

These credits are difficult to find and even more difficult to file for. Many accountants and firms don't bother to file for these credits because they're paid per filing, not by the amount of money they save for you.

While you enjoy the perks of your membership, we'll be on the lookout for what credits you qualify for. Come Tax Day, we'll tell you what to include in your tax filing to get you back what you're owed.

Is it too late for the 2021 tax year?

Nope! We will work with you based on the information in your profile to find any savings as you file your taxes this season. After this season, your savings will be even more automated based on your usage of your Givers card.

How do I know if I am qualified to earn tax credit or other reimbursements?

There are various avenues to get reimbursed for your efforts taking care of your loved one, including but not limited to the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and Veterans Affairs. This is where we come in. We will help you identify whatever reimbursements you are eligible for.

What is the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit?

Of the many available tax credits, the CDCTC is the only credit available at the federal level. The CDCTC is calculated based on your care-related expenses for a qualifying depended that allowed you to work (or look for work). This is why it is critical to separate your care-related spending onto a Givers card. For the tax year of 2021, the maximum tax credit is for one dependent is $4,000.

What type of spending is eligible for tax credit?

Qualified expenses generally must be for the well-being and protection of your dependent. Some tax credits also look at your income level and employment status. Often, most common caregiving expenses qualify, including respite care, transportation, assistive technologies and devices, and support services (like your Givers Membership!)

You should separate ALL of your care-related expenses onto your Givers card to maximize our ability to find you savings.

Am I guaranteed to get $4,000?

We guarantee that you will get more value in savings and support than the cost of your membership. If you don't you'll get a full refund.

As far as tax credits–your eligibility for various credits and reimbursements is dependent on a range of criteria. While we cannot guarantee that you will qualify for or earn any reimbursements, you can rest assured that you have a team of saving specialists working behind the scenes to find you money.

Givers Card

Why do I need to silo my caregiving expenses to my Givers Card?

Some tax credits and reimbursement programs require a clear view on your caregiving expenses.

By joining Givers and using your Givers Card exclusively for care-related expenses, we will be able to help you identify avenues for reimbursement, and you'll avoid needing to parse through all of your expenses at the end of the year to find what you spent on caregiving.

Is the Givers Card a debit or credit card?

The Givers Card is a self-funded Visa debit card. We will instantly issue you a virtual card upon signing up. Once you fund your card and pay for your membership, your physical card will be sent in the mail.

How do I fund my Givers Card?

You can securely fund your debit card via a debit card transfer (instant) or ACH transfer (2-3 days).

Where does my Givers Card work?

Your Givers Card works at ATMs globally and for payment with any merchant that accepts Visa.


What's included in the Givers Membership?

The Givers Membership is a complete caregiver wellness program. All members gain access to a dedicated caregiving coach (certified senior advisor), a private caregiver community to learn and get support from, and tons of perks and benefits like savings on common caregiver supplies and services.

All Givers Members are instantly issued a virtual Givers Debit Card. Once you fund your account, your physical card will be mailed to you. Simply silo caregiving transactions onto your Givers Card, and we will make it easy for you to get discounts and find reimbursements.

Is there really a 7 day free trial?

Yes! We're confident you'll love being a Givers member. If you don't like it within 7 days, cancel your membership and you will not be charged.

Is the membership an annual commitment?

Yes. We know that caregiving is a long term commitment. Our goal is to support you completely through your journey, every step of the way. On top of the support and community, keeping your caregiving expenses siloed to your Givers card is the easiest way to avoid tedious documentation needed at the end of the year to get any applicable reimbursements.

How do I pay for my membership?

You'll sign up with your credit card, which can be used for your membership. Excitingly, your Givers membership may be tax credit eligible–so once you get your Givers Card we will help you user it to pay for your membership and get tracked for tax credits.

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